Van Der Hagen Safety Razor

8 Reasons to Add a Safety Razor to Your Shave Set

Classic. Cool. Refined. All describe the function and results of a man s…

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Van Der Hagen Shaving KitVan Der Hagen Shaving Kit

The Top 9 Products for Your Perfect Shaving Kit

When you’re caring for your beard or shaving, you want products that d…

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Van Der Hagen Heated Shaving CreamVan Der Hagen Heated Shaving Cream

Heated Shaving Cream: What Is It and How Does it Work?

There’s nothing like warmth on the skin to give you a relaxed feeling …

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Van Der Hagen Shaving ButterVan Der Hagen Shaving Butter

Shaving Butter vs. Shaving Cream: What Are the Differences?

Most people are familiar with shaving cream. In fact, it’s usually an …

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