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Safety Razor Shave Set


This safety razor set includes all a man needs for the smoothest of shaves, beginning with a chrome razor, carefully balanced and weighted for a precise shave.  Five ice-tempered stainless steel, German-made blades are included.  As a bonus gift, the leather razor hood protects the razor and blade from accidental cutting.  Van D..

Shave Regimen Set


First is putting his best face forward, for which a smooth, clean shave is vitally important.  This complete shave regimen set includes the premium products for all stages of a quality shave: a shave oil for added lubrication, shave butter for a superior razor glide, and post-shave soothing balm to reduce any redness or irritation.  ..

VDH Back to School Bundle 1


VDH Back to School Bundle 1..

VDH Back to School Bundle 2


VDH Back to School Bundle 2..

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