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Badger Brush & Shave Soap Bundle


Badger Brush + 3 Shave Soap BundleThe Badger Brush and Scented Shave Soap combination will create an exceptional lather with 100% pure badger hair. Made from pure badger hair, this brush massages your whiskers stroke by stroke. Badger hair easily retains moisture, so you’ll be able to whip up a generous bowl of lather in no time with our Scent..

Love Birds Bundle


Woo your significant other with our His & Her style Safety Razor Bundle!Included in this delightful bundle are:      (1) Rose Gold 110mm Long Handle Safety Razor      (1) Black & Chrome 110mm Long Handle Safety Razor      (2) Packs of 5 count German made razor blades(2) Travel Size..

Safety Razor Shave Set


Have you seen the light and are discovering all the benefits of shaving with a safety razor? Or are you an old pro with the traditional blade, and your well-loved shaving tools are needing an upgrade? Whatever the case, this 4-piece kit has all you need for your shave regimen: Shave Butter, 85mm Safety Razor, 5-pack of blades, plus a handsome leath..

Shave Butter Fragrance Flight


Treat your skin to the ultimate grooming experience with a flight of our Shave Butter fragrances. Our scents include Original, Free Spirit, and The Gentlemen. Try them all and choose your favorite or treat a loved one to a luxurious shave experience...

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