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Badger Brush & Shave Soap Bundle


Badger Brush + 3 Shave Soap BundleThe Badger Brush and Scented Shave Soap combination will create an exceptional lather with 100% pure badger hair. Made from pure badger hair, this brush massages your whiskers stroke by stroke. Badger hair easily retains moisture, so you’ll be able to whip up a generous bowl of lather in no time with our Scent..

Deluxe Badger Brush


Made from 100% pure badger hair, this brush’s stiff and durable bristles whip up a bowl of lather in seconds. When applying your shave cream, the bristles lightly exfoliate your skin, then soften and lift beard hair to give you a clean, close shave. Use with a Van Der Hagen Soap for exceptional lather...

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