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Boar Shave Set


Each shave set comes complete with a superior quality boar bristle shave brush and acrylic brush stand, our exclusive Van Der Hagen apothecary mug and our Luxury Shave Soap...

Cooling Shave Gel


Our Cooling Shave Gel delivers a cooling sensation for increased comfort while you shave...

Self Heating Shave Cream


Our Self Heating Shave Cream has a unique, water-activated formula that delivers a quick burst of warmth to help soften stubble, making it easier to cut...

Shave Butter


Shave Butter creates an ultra-thin layer on your face, making your razor glide seamlessly like never before...

Shave Oil


Use pre-shave oil to lock moisture into your hair and skin to create a slick, lubricated surface that your blade passes over easily. Simply apply underneath your shave prep for added glide and a smoother shave...

Unscented Luxury Shave Soap


If you’re prone to allergies, we have got you covered with our hypoallergenic Unscented Luxury Shave Soap...

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