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Boar Brush


This Boar Brush contains 100% boar hair. Sturdy bristles create lather quickly. Use with a Van Der Hagen Soap for exceptional lather...



Pack of (10) stainless steel blades..

Black Leather Pouch for Straight Razor


Soft leather case for straight razor..

Primary Blades


Crafted in Germany, our ice-tempered, stainless steel razor blades give you an unparalleled glide across your skin, greatly reducing razor burn, cuts and nicks, and giving you a close, comfortable shave every time. The durable blades outlast the competition, and won’t dull as quickly as other brands. For best results, use with Van Der Hagen Sh..

VE Straight Razor Roll Up


Embossed leather straight razor roll-up..

VE Straight Razor Slip Pouch


Embossed leather straight razor pouch..

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